My reflective thoughts and creative intentions for Module ADZ5777 Subject ‘Making Connections’

Not only one year has passed already, but so did the summer holidays and here I am reading the brief for the first term of my second year realising that time has come for the going to get tougher. I have to admit that I’m a bit less relaxed then an year ago but most of all, I feel so excited to throw myself into the new challenges and techniques awaiting for me and improve the skills I have already acquired.

I took the first couple of weeks of the holidays to enjoy them without any schedule. Then the time came to see the Denim Exhibition organised by my teacher Sally Grant and hosted in the Heart Gallery. It was awesome to see my pieces hanging on the wall among other people’s work backing up such an important topic as the sustainability. Thank you for this opportunity. This got me a bit more motivated to always try to be actively involved. To put me in the game and don’t miss even the smallest of opportunities.

I also decided to deepen my digital knowledge, especially Illustrator which I liked since I first opened it and Photoshop, the one I always managed to avoid until happily forced to face it by the academic staff for a digital presentation. Now we have a love&hate relationship which I’m sure it will improve considerably in the year to come. So I started and almost finished the Digital Textile Design book (2nd edition) and its resourceful tutorials. Together with some others on You Tube, an invaluable as well as a free tool. From the first pages I’ve learned about the fractal design that I found intricately interesting and will surely get back to and got a general knowledge of how lots of artists play/ed with software, real objects and effects to manipulate photographs and create stunning designs. Here are some of mine:

My intention is to continue the job I’m doing, explore as many different fields as I can and experiment accordingly in order to be able to find my path and style. For now I feel I belong everywhere and nowhere, and even though this makes it easier for me to learn something new, it also makes me realise that i’m spreading my energies instead of focusing them on what really makes me, me.

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