Fashion Designers

This is the sector I’m keen on designing the most, together with the wallpaper sector. It is unique the way a certain fabric looks like in our hands and the way it reacts when folded and/or combined with others on a body in movement. It’s fascinating.

I love specular designs, it feels like you can play around with them on the fabric and place them accordingly to shape one side of the body or the other. It also interests me the ‘strange’ combinations of colours and pattern that seen separately you would’t immediately think they could belong together as well as very simple elements that can make your head turn. And the damask patterns.

Inspiration from nature is vital for a harmonic combination of colours and forms.

Alexander McQueen

A genius who didn’t really liked the fashion world (and here I kind of recognise my self) but with the passion for couture he ended up in it changing it by contrasting Dior’s perfect look of the woman with his theatrical and more obscure vision of beauty and its contrast. Severely judged in the beginning, in 10 years he became one of the most admired fashion designers and even after his death his style and message still survive. Both his and Sarah Burton’s prints are a unique inspiration for me.

Alexander McQueen

Roberto Cavalli

Growing up in Italy , weather you like fashion or not, you get to know most of the fashion designer from television and gossip magazines. He was the first one that I started to admire his prints which are totally inspired from nature, felines most of all and laces, lots of laces mostly in the SS 2011 collection!


Guo Pei

Called as the McQueen of China. I find her style seductive and has the ability to transport me to another time, an eastern beauty. I personally don’t like most of her creations, but the few I do I’ll print them and put on the wall for eternal inspiration.

Guo Pei

Issey Miyake

His style is an inspiration and a revolutionary thinking that I had much to learn from. He went against all that has been instilled in our mind in the western culture about the woman’s body and its beauty. He wanted to achieve flexibility in movements and an easy production of the garment leaving the body free and hidden inside while the western culture was constraining the women’s body into a tight cloth in order to reveal its shapes.

Issey Miyake

Iris Van Herpen

An amazing sculptural designer that plays with sensations and visual effects pushing continuously the boundaries of fashion design using in her creations innovative techniques and radical materials as well as 3D printing along with the traditional. It’s like she knows no limits.

Iris Van Herpen

Rad Hourani

I really like his simple but sophisticately folded collars, futuristic, transformable and unisex clothes. He’s monochromatic predilecting black and a few other colours in a dark tone and almost never combines them unless it’s black and white, which I predilect in many of my clothes as well. Until this point of my research, and i went through tens and tens of stylists this is one of the few REALLY ready to wear ones. In fact, pick one and I’ll wear it without questioning.

Rad Hourani

Elie Saab

He can be a true inspiration for a fashion designer lover appreciating all those bids he manages to use in his creations, personally i don’t have that patients. Said that there are some of his pieces that really intrigue me both the digital as the embroidery patterns. Al the women wearing Elie Saab give me the sensation that they feel like the most beautiful in the world. Subleme!

Elie Saab

Zero Waste Daniel

He is clothing designer and a zero waste pioneer. In his last two years of practice he saved tones of scrap fabrics which he used to make his collections which are internationally renown and wore also by celebrities. I found our recently about him and found it inspirational for a sustainable practice never to forget in our process of designing and making. And it also related to a few denim pieces I did last year with recycled scraps and chosen to be exposed in the Heart Gallery this June.


Noa Raviv

Noa is a Tel Aviv born and a 2016 graduated fashion designer that already gain world wide recognition. She had the idea to combine deformed 3d objects using 3d software, created by a command that the software was unable to execute, then translated it into fabric.

Noa Raviv

Liliya Hudyakova

The russian artist Liliya Hudyakova is actually a photographer with a good eye. Her Fashion & Nature photo series pairs accomplished fashion designer’s dresses and other pieces with the natural views that she imagines might have inspired them. It is addicting to scroll through them and endlessly inspiring.


Gareth Pugh

A mind blowing fashion designers. Hes designs are inspired by shape, proportion and process. One of the pieces that attracted my attention was this modular installation / garment with a futuristic and dark touch.


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