Maker’s Portfolio

Desk Organizer, II year team project

Part of a business project/competition, in a group of 5 individuals from different courses, we had to ideate, design, prototype and make a successful product to sell. We ended up creating a Desk Organizer with repurposed wood found in charity shops.

Final product

Following the same green values, we created a packaging that could be reused as lunch bag.

Pop-up Store

Work in progress

Needless to say, we won!


The Toolbox chair, II year individual project

‘Are You Sitting Comfortably’ was a concept project where we were assigned a random teacher from the Art and Design School. After a short interview we had to create a moodboard based on the answers and consequently design, sketch, prototype and create a real size functional seat that would reflect his or her dream seat.

Final product

Work in progress

CNC machine in the cutting process of a block of plywood

This project has given me the chance to apply some of the skills developed as a surface pattern designer, mainly Adobe Illustrator, in the product designer’s field. I also had to fill in some gaps with research and tutorials such as learning perspective drawing, ergonomics and anthropometrics and different other workshops.