Final Reflection on Consultancy Module

Both in my first and second year I have never considered designing for stationery. Until my first week of researching around this subject I couldn’t name a stationery company or designer that wasn’t Paperchase. Thanks to this Module I had the opportunity to explore areas that I somehow avoided, maybe because unconsciously, I thought, I placed it out of my comfort zone. In time I realised I haven’t been avoiding it, I just never considered it, like I didn’t really know it was out there as an option, as absurd as it might sound. Not until this module. And after all these weeks, at the very end of this new exciting journey I am definitely happy that I had the chance to do so. It gave me a wider understanding of the design industry and this for me it is very important. As it is important having new challenges. Theory is not enough for me so I very much appreciated how my course, my tutors, were able to provide such a useful life brief permitting us closure with people from the industry. The confrontation between the industry and the academic point of view about the collection was another valuable perspective that cleared my understanding regarding both worlds that are much alike in the process but can differ in the outcome. I loved the challenge in pleasing both sides while remaining true to my style and preference.

The need for challenge and to extend my knowledge is what made me chose fashion as the final outcome for my fabric collection. Fashion is an area that I always considered but never explored since I have been mostly driven by interior.

Drawing conclusions I realised that the process in designing for stationery, fashion or interior seems to me quite the same. Research is the foundation to build upon, the most important part that defines the road upon which to explore each individual’s creativity while not losing side from the chosen theme. Defining the target market and the client, creating moodboards to always refer to is another common part. Maybe some time ago there was a more defined line between these areas but not today where designers and non designers explore innovative ideas and challenge the status quo. Big scale is not only for wallpaper anymore and small scale is not for stationery anymore. The two collections gave me the opportunity to play with different techniques and scale that I experimented in both.

Overall I feel I am improving my understanding of the design world, widen my knowledge and refine my skills. I feel I managed to convey this in the consultancy module better than in any other collection and I also found I could express myself more than before. I suppose it is because experience makes us better.

I also feel I keep improving my professional and visual outcome. I saw expressions of amazement and heard some important comments around my work today that made me realise that other people appreciate what I have to give and I have to admit that this gave me a deep satisfaction and significant confirmation that I am on the right track.


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