Stationery Designers/Companies

I admit not considering at all this market before the brief, but as all researches it got me closer to a deeper understanding of what gives me satisfaction to see my prints on or what I can easily put at the end of the wish job list and stationery is here but with door wide open for experimentation. Most of all it’s been giving me a more global understanding of what is out there in the design world that I didn’t know much about.

Rifle Paper Co.

I like their style and the fact that even though it is a mainly paper based company they also have fun putting their designs on shoes, phone cases, fabrics and many others. If I was to design for a stationery company, this would be the one!



Usa based designer. Mark making and brush effects, a simple but so effective look.


Orla Kiely

I really admire and envy a little bit how she found her style in a simple roundish organic flowers and leaves that she can easily adapt to make it a new pattern and also for different markets, from stationary to bags etc.

Orla 2

Rossi Carta e Biglietti dal 1931

This company started small in fine stationary and decorative papers. Initially based on the historical and artistic traditions of Florence, they extended their inspiration to Italy’s main cites. It’s always beautiful to see success stories of people that maintained their tradition without having to necessarily follow the ephemeral trends of the majority.


Paper Mojo

From the home page their designs and colours stand out and the curiosity to enter and see them all is immediate, or at least for me. As far as I can see from their marbled textures and others they follow trend, which in this case I appreciate it a lot visually but they also have quite  varied range of styles and designs as well, so I might fit in there somewhere.



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