As part of the collection I wanted to integrate some colourways that are both inside and outside of my colour palette in order to give the customer the possibility to have more buying options.
I chose mostly my organic patterns for this because more appealing to the customer. These patterns in fact are the most designed and used worldwide.

I chose the yellow floral pattern from my Bee Collection to be my main colourway. I find that it balances the overall feel of the collection, however I find the other two colourways to be both successful and it really seems to be just a matter of taste. For the design I used the Honey Bee I sketched and the Camellia I associated with it. However as branches I chose the plant of the Ibis to start blend elements around the collection and give it a more cohesive look.

From my Ibis collection I chose the floral leaves pattern to create my colour coordinates. I created one inside my colour palette and another two outside of my colour palette, for those customers that like my designs but they would prefer a more pastel look or just an alternative colourway. The pink peach beije is the main colourway i chose for the collection, I find it successful and it also balances the overall look since I haven’t used it too much as background colour.

I created one colourway of my repeated Ibis:

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