Press Pack

For my press pack I want to have a plain colour paper envelop with pockets and a paper ring around it to hold it together. It will contain my CV, Statement with reference to my website where there can be viewed the full portfolio, Business Card and fabric samples. I believe that having a few samples for people to be able to touch and in the meantime see the designs printed is an added value.Press Pack.jpg

My pocketfold bought online and for which I intend to create a paper ring with my main designs. I believe that my blue and green with some hints of red will give it the appropriate high end look I am looking for:


For the group press pack we had to somewhat limit ourselves in the amount of details to add because there are many of us. We decided to do a slideshow with our name, photograph of ourselves and one of our designs and a little statement. We also did a sample book by collecting all our postcards and binding them on a corner with a screw to be able to rotate them individually 360 degrees.

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