Sample Book and Look Book

Besides being a Surface Pattern Designer, I also consider myself to be a maker. This is why I decided to make my own Sample Book. The idea is to use it for my final collection of 30 designs but if I chose to display them on a rail instead I will use it as my Technical File. It was very exciting to put it together and even though it can definitely be improved I am very pleased with the result. I chose the colour red for the binding because it balances the whole collection where I have used it in a limited amount. I digitally stitched the binding fabric that was a little tricky, in fact it took me half a day to sort it out properly instead of the half an hour I anticipated. However the binding of the book took me less time than predicted so I managed to finish it in the time I have planed.

Sample Book

For my Look Book I decided to go with something very simple but effective. I used my designs as Cad Visuals to showcase examples of how they would be placed in an Interior environment and on Fashion items. The cover reflects my brand identity and it is the same design, font and overall layout I used for my stickers, business cards and CV.

LookBook 22x20 Mockups.jpg

Look Book 9 Mockups 60.9 X 68 cm


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