Professional Practice VII – Press Pack

What to have in the press pack? and why is it important having one?

To have exposure in the industry for employment. It is a way to express your work and who you are. You could be the best at it but if you don’t show your work in a professional way to sell yourself it is difficult to get out there. The main purpose is employment.

What to put in:

  • Business Card
  • CV (wider folded or of the size of the presentation pack to fit in)
  • Portfolio on Usb but it is better to showcase them online on a professional website. In order to protect your work, have low res pictures and watermark them.
  • Fabric Swatch (if the designs are in big scale it is better to maybe have a cad visual attached)
  • A Statement (maybe with a picture and who you are)
  • A token, a little pencil, sticker, key-ring to insert or attach to the envelop
  • Envelops (better plastic free)
  • Presentation pack with pockets to keep all the rest inside


  • The size of the press pack, to be able to post it
  • Is it worth sending it out to the industry paper based or nowadays is it better digital? Both? To have tangible samples is also an important consideration.

We have to provide 3 press packs for the Exposure Module

For the group Press Pack provide some of the following:

  • name
  • catalog book with the post cards and pictures or statements
  • pictures
  • videos (of technical practice like digital embroidery and other activities)
  • Slideshow
  • A Pack for the work to go in

Look Book:

  • different page sizes
  • different paper
  • mood boards
  • work in progress
  • samples
  • colour chips
  • statements
  • cad visuals

80% of the mark is about the collection

20% is about Professional Practice, presentation and Press Pack

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