Colour Board Update

My Colour Board was the only one I wasn’t totally happy with, the number of colours seemed to me a bit to high and with too much diversity. I went back to my colour research in WGSM that I have already made with individual chips for both the SS 20 and the A/W 20/21 collection to be able to play with and place them in groups to see how they look like together. I refined my colour palette considering still that I wanted a gender neutral and transeasonal palette, however cosidering my own taste and style and therefore I have made some changes in the tone of some of the colours. I also had more design elements to play with and better evaluate my choices. I therefore decided to give up on the orange and sunset and bring back the mustard which I found it to be the perfect sobstitute to give interest and light to the collection. It is a trending colour and it gives the warm feel I am looking for my entire collection. Mint Green is very in trend for the gender neutral appeal but I decided to give it up for a more refined overall look. For the same reason I substituted my graphite black with a warmer black that I took from the mid dark tone of the same mustard. Warm tones are in trend, in line with the need for inclusion, the same that justifies transeasonality and the growing need for gender neutral palettes.

Colour Palette work in progress

Colour Board:

Colour Board.jpg

Mood Boards:

Mood Boards Updated

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