Profesional Practice III – IDot Competition II

The time has come to choose the category. print design and send the roll to I-Dott. Deadline is on the 30th of  March. We decided to have everything done by the 20th. I chose to enter the Damask and Geometric category. During my time in Cardiff Metropolitan I discovered to have a more natural tendency in designing for both damasks and geometrical layouts. Organic and structure define my stile as a surface pattern designer.

damask i-dott

I decided to use one of the elements of my final major project, the Giant Ibis and the plant I associated it with from its natural habitat. I love the fact that the design has to have big scale. Here’s my entry:

I dott entry damask ibis

my third entry in the damask category is a damask totem from my second year collection:

Damask tileIDOT 140x100 cm

Geo I-dott

For the Geo category I decided to submit one of the designs I have done for the Consultancy module. I feel it is fresh and appealing.

Anda Avramescu - Geo - Sky Triangles Tile 53x53 cm 300dpi.jpg

There are 2 forms to be filled and send together with the artwork

Important: Consider the dimentions, the form has the dimentions of one tile

(53×64 cm for screen printing) 300dpi resolution, max 10mg, max 10,000px, Cmyk, file jpeg format

Tutorial to create a seamless repeat on Photoshop:

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