My Moodboard is the result of the research I have been doing regarding my theme and the layout of my designs. It represents the critically endangered animals I decided to focus on and the nature they live in, where the man has trespassed, contributing with deforestation, to the extinction of these and thousands of other species. Even though my focus is even among the 5 species, the Giant Ibis, Hawksbill Turtle, Primates, Honeybee and the Sumatran Tiger, I decided to highlight only one, the tiger, in order for my moodboard not to get too busy but mainly to be almost surprised when discovering the other animals while watching the board more closely. This is the feel I also want to give through my designs. I have researched into several designers, illustrators and companies and found some designs that better reflect the nature and animals in a damask inspired layout.

Mood Board 2

My Colourboard reflects the concepts I have been reading about in WGSN through several reports. As explained in my previous blog regarding WGSN I have been looking at it from a totally different perspective than I did until last term. While it has been mostly about colours and a certain theme, this time I went way deeper, trying to get to the core of the why of certain colours and themes. I discovered how a growing number of people are more inclined now to look at sustainability in many different ways, regarding fabric but also colour. Neutral and earthy colours means less artificial pigments while digital is preferred to screen printing because more environmental friendly. A few reports talk about inclusiveness and how seasons are overlapping. Cool colours flow into summer while brights in winter. Brights are not only for teenagers anymore while gender neutral colours are becoming more requested, reflecting the society we live in. Transseasonal is another important terminology that keeps popping up in different reports. All this has brought me to chose a colour palette that reflects nature, neutrals and gender neutral tones for a transseasonal look with a touch of red and orange bright. Something that might appeal to both women and men, both for Summer 20 and winter 20/21. Black has also aquired a more natural and worm tone, in fact total black it is really hard to find in nature and while using it in all of my previous collection I felt it needed refinement. White has been also part of all my previous collections while now I have decided to worm it up with some orange, the same as the black. I also liked the idea of the Nature facing Humanity.

Colour Board.jpg

The Clientboard represents my client which is both male and female over 30 years old with a bold and sophisticated aesthetics. They are professionals who own their homes, therefore are willing to spend more in order to decorate it with own taste reflecting their personality. They love to travel and being in contact with nature. They bring their laptops everywhere they go, to never miss the chance to enjoy their surroundings while keeping up to date with their work.

Client Board.jpg

My competitors design for the luxury market, mainly interior such as the Timorous Beasties and Kit Miles but also fashion like Matthew Williamson and Christian Lacroix:


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