Research Part III – WGSN

Wgsn has been a fresh and new perspective at looking at things. In my first year I hardly knew about its existence while in my second years I felt more forced than educated of the importance of trends. I was seeing them as somebody who chooses what colour and outfit or fabric is trending and the majority follows. In reality it is the contrary. Trend companies such as Wgsn try, through their multiple reports, to go more in depth and understand why and what leads to a certain shopping behavior. I found this long journey through many of these reports very interesting.  Some people might look at one or two reports to take inspirations from. My goal was to understand the mind set behind  people’s decisions in buying or not buying something as well as for the choice behind the colours, as a whole.

STATEMENT: I based the idea and design process of my collection based on these reports in symbioses with my own personal style. People are eager for products that have a meaningful purpose and connect emotionally. Transseasonality is one of the ways for use of products across different seasons and not just limited to one, there are fabric and colour considerations that I have taken for this, from light to thicker fabrics and a mix of colours that range from SS20 to AW20/21. Toxicity of water brings consumers and therefore designers to rethink the design process, one of the reasons I chose to digitally print my entire collection. Colour becomes inclusive for different age range. Tactile softness of fabrics and warmth of colour is part the inclusivness that is becoming so important. I therefore chose my darkest colours such as the black from a very dark  mustard, while my fabrics as well as my wallpapers are silk soft to the touch. Nature will be a key statement, and ‘new animal families‘ will increase appeal. Quilting and cushioning will become key for the research of the ‘nesting’ sensation where confort is the priority. In fact:

Global Colour S/S 20 Action points:

  • Everything from soft oranges to pale mint greens will cross the gender divide in 2020. Keep an open mind when planning your seasonal ranges.
  • Oranges and yellows have been gaining ground for the past few seasons, but in S/S 20 they will move beyond the youth market and hit mass appeal.
  • Get ready for an inter-generational explosion of colour, it’s time to rethink the rules and use colour in unexpected ways.
  • Warm, sunny colours will always have a strong pull in summer, but we will also see cool, almost clinical blues and greens emerge in 2020

Big Ideas S/S 20: Colour:

  • The days of brights being for youth consumers, or pastels being for women, are over. It’s time to take a more inclusive approach to colour
  • Sustainability Matters The conversation around sustainability is growing louder, and will be a key element of brand success in 2020 and beyond. Currently, one fifth of the world’s water pollution is a direct result of industrial textile dying processes, so colour is a major part of the conversation. by 2020, the global number of people allergic to chemicals will grow to 60%.
  • our has always been used as a tool of self expression, and even more so in the age of social media feeds

The Vision 2020, Part 1: Empower Up!:

  • Consumers are demanding more purpose beyond products and services from businesses

The Message 2020, Part 1: Fix the Future:

  • in 2020, we will embrace the importance of new voices, inter-generational perspectives, and a world where our emotional needs cannot be fulfilled by a smartphone.
  • People will move away from tired marketing, traditional corporate structures, and mass consumption.
  • People will fix what’s broken, instead of breaking what’s working.

Lifestyle & Interiors Global Colour A/W 20/21:

  • Make palettes transseasonal: include typically summer hues in winter collections, and vice versa, to create designs that are more flexible, and less tied to a particular season.

Materials Trend Concepts A/W 20/21: Women, Men & Interiors:

  • Build tactile softness into design: challenge taste perceptions with joyful lumpy and squeezed forms, and create homely comfort through padded tactility.

Europe Colour Trend Concepts A/W 20/21:

  • Nature will be a key inspiration: as concern around sustainability becomes more urgent, colour will have a role to play – either through shades that offer a connection with nature, or through neutrals with transseasonal appeal, or through colours that can be produced with less harm to the planet
  • Experiment with accent brights: create excitement with a considered use of bold brights.

Lifestyle & Interiors Trend Concepts A/W 20/21: Considered Comfort:

Soft materials and rounded forms emphasise cosiness and play into themes of self-care, warmth and comfort for homes and lifestyle spaces

  • Quilting and cushioning will come to the fore in A/W 20/21 with brands exploring and developing products that provide a safe, cocooned, nesting sensation.
  • Comfort is the priority, with rounded shapes and exaggerated plump forms creating a sense of warmth and fluidity

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