Professional Practice II – Post-Graduate Studies

There are currently 85 masters students, 50 research students currently on campus. Doing a post grad study is like stepping into a different world. Interviews are necessary to get accepted just to make sure you chose the right course. The offer is for 2:1, if you get 2:2 there will be a conversation about it, not many chances for 3.

There are less funds for Wales now than it used to be, however there is still in place student Finance even though it is not sure for how long due to the recent issues with Brexit.

Research is important for Universities, 25% of school income comes from research money.

Some students say that one year in masters have more or same value as 3 years in undergraduate. You have the time to focus on this one project and make your own schedule. One of the points in doing a masters is to decide where your industry is going in the next 20 years, textiles or any other. The second is do some experimental practice, it doesn’t have to be commercial but can push boundaries. It is important to look ahead. Some things are commercial now but 10 years ago were only hypothesis of a few. The aim is to start to become a manager, predict where the industry is going to be ahead in the years ahead.

There are 10s and 100s of potential topics. 2 ex textiles graduates are currently enrolled for post grad studies. Emma for example, looks at how we owe things and Alice studies about art therapy through textiles.

Why a masters?

To become highly employable, become masters of their craft, for the opportunity to think and explore freely, develop a research, develop a sustainable business, to focus on their practice or an idea, to learn art&design or to apply it to their practice.

What do you get from it?

More confidence, better informed and talk with authority, confidently talk about their ideas, have a deeper knowledge in their specific area, get good at one thing, work confident outside of Uni, learn your value and learn what you are good at in specific, a good portfolio of work, find something to pass on as a teacher etc.

What do master students say?

Everybody that chooses a masters wants to be there for different reasons but mainly for the enhanced salary and be among smart and like minded people.

You can have cutting edge ideas and you have Septembe

It is about focusing and refining your expertise or want to learn something new or do a speculative exploration. You can actually end up in a masters that is based on your passion rather than your undergraduate studies, as well as focusing on a specific aspect of what studied before. Sky’s the limit in the choice.

Adam Davies Adam got ill but continued to do his masters, he took some time off and returned back in his home city and realized the plastics on the beach. He also found s high amount of see weed and tried for the rest of his maters to make natural plastic out of sea weed. He saw a research degree in Oslo for a research degree. In the meantime he met somebody from Latva and now he’s a phd student while also being a director of the company that produces this new plastic he created. This is what a masters student does, brings together things that are apparently not related.

There are 8 post grad masters programmes and 2 doctorate programmes in Cardiff Met nex year:

  • MA Ceramics and maker, MA fashion design, MFA fine art, MDes global design (for a sustainable project that can act globally to make a change), MA illustration and animation, MSc product design
  • MA enterprise & innovation (Inc Space with credits attached, skills training), MRes research in art&designs (if you clearly have an idea, it is more like a doctorate without the stress)
  • Phd Research Doctorate, DProf Professional Doctorate
  • UK/EU Students: 9000  (4000 with finance), non Uk students 18.000£
  • 60% of Eu students do a port graduate studies
  • There is a book for student funding in the library, funds for children of people who worked in haberdashery industry. There are many wired funds. start funds that are around for 10s of years. There are also websites that help for a fee. It is better to write a letter asking Am I eligible to apply?


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