Learning to Draw

In an interview, Paul Simmons and Alistair Mcaulei, that form the Timorous Beasties team, said that nowadays there aren’t many artists capable to draw. This made me realize how little time I have spent on developing my drawing skills and that I was actually part of that category that they described. However it was after a discussion with the talented Jenny Evans, 2018 Textile graduate from Cardiff Met, at a Mingle event held by the Centre of Entrepreneurship, that I truly realized how important that was. In fact she told me how companies approached her for interviews during New Designers, because of her sketchbooks. This happened last year and in that same moment I decided that I had to start learning to sketch and draw and so I did. I found lists of artists that gave free tutorials, on different websites. You Tube is a very useful place to learn drawing while hearing about best materials and tips. Instagram has many short videos of work in progress that I find extremely useful.

These are just a couple of tutorials I have been studying with great results. Especially the first one really helped me to start fast sketching with a few initial lines the shape that defines the bird and how to continue with the details.




This has helped me to understand more the perspective and lighting and also to notice those little details that characterizes the subject of my drawing. I used a mix of flowers and birds I did to construct the first hand repeated pattern with Sian that has proved to be very useful.



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