Research Part II – Damask and Artists

The V&A has a large collection of damask motifs. What I love about it is that besides finished patterns, it also holds a big amount of work in progress sketches that can give me a better idea about how single elements are placed into creating the intricate and sophisticated look of the damask layout. I realized that a vast amount of these designs belong to Scottish artist Joseph Neil Paton while finished designs, to William Morris, which then I have also decided to investigate further. William Morris is also one of the designers that deeply inspired the Timorous Beasties which became my main source of inspiration since my second years. They also inspired artists like Kit Miles which has detailed drawing elements from nature, both flora and fauna that are sophisticated and high end, also relevant to my design collection.

Pinterest is another source of inspiration, it gathers both traditional Damask layouts but also designs from latest artists with their unique approach to it:

Timorous Beasties are the one I look up to the most. They are ironic, bold in design and colour with sophisticated patterns. They design for the high end market and are inspired by nature and whatever surrounds them. The way they play with neutrals and colours creates a very intricate layout that is powerful even in designs with low number of motifs due to the high details of their hand drawn motifs:

Kit Miles is another designer that is inspired by nature and also architecture. He is renowned for his dynamic use of colour and hand drawn imagery. He did his internship with the Timorous Beasties and designs for luxury interiors. I admire him for the bold use of colour in combination with the use of neutral and his hand drawn motifs and also for the combination of organic and geometrical elements:

Mattew Williamson is a British fashion, lifestyle and interior designe known for his use of bold, colourful and carefully constructed designs. I love how effective his designs are from the most sophisticated to the most simple ones:

Christian Lacroix is mainly a fashion designer but he is also an interior designer and print is key for all his collections. His style is opulent and infused with bold colours and a tropical and fantasy patterns:

Fernanda Sternieri is a brazilian surface designer. Her style is very busy and colourful and I like the use she does of it with dark backgrounds:

Cole & Son is a high aspiration for me to be able to work for one day. It groups some of the most talented designers such as the ones I mentioned before:

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