Profesional Practice I – IDot Competition

The I-Dott competition is free to enter. There are 4 prizes and one important thing to know is that we give the copyright of each design we submit to the charity. If it gets sold there is equal share between charity and student. The design has to be Original. The  deadline is on march 31. Only students can take part because the idea is to bring students and industry together.

i-dott competition rules.jpg

Category 1  – imagine the future – Sponsored by HP Inc, they want an innovative design but since they are not very specific on what exactly they want we could enter the designs that do not fit in the other categories. This seems interesting even though I imagine they are more inclined in seeing something that might me graphic design related. I don’t think it fits my style or any of the designs I have.

Category 2 – boho rithm sponsored by Arthouse, looking at the boho modern style that collect more things. 6 colours tops. The category does not fit my taste or style that is more modern and Gothic, I am mostly sure I won’t enter this category.

Category 3 – Geo Drawing, Diometric patterns, simple shapes – brief, hand drawn motifs, simple and interesting for a wallpaper design. Geometric has always been something I was keen on designing. Organic or diametric, structure is definitely the layout I prefer for my designs. I cannot wait to chose an appropriate design for it.

Category 4 – Damn we love Damak by John Mark (they produce and sell, it would be interesting to take a look at where they sell) –  the design has to be big scale, expensive, and not started digitally. Damask is one of my favorite styles, in fact I am planing in submitting more than one. I already have a design from last year’s collection that is one of my all time favorites.  And also something from the current collection I am working on. It is so exciting.

Bonnie Christine does free tutorials for illustrator repeat pattern:

We also did some hand repeat pattern and it was really fun and constructive. It reminded me of the croquis done last year. It was very interesting to see how one tile seemed quite nice but nothing special, while seeing it as a multiple repeat on the wall has created the wow effect.


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