Consultancy – Mood Boards

We started our third year working on a stationery project delivered by the IG Design Group in collaboration with our course. It is very exciting because it combines our own practice and creativity with the real world. My mind set now is about building my creativity and personality around trends that could appeal to a wider range of customers and that could also fit in the Ig Design Group’s range of products.

Last year, as my inspirational company and for my theme I chose somebody that has been more of a trend setter than follower, the Timorous Beasties. This time, for the goal of the project and to challenge myself with different outcomes I decided to blend my creativity with trends. In fact, I started my research with WGSN that is an endless source of inspiration. A board full of photographs and keywords capable to transmit in a few pages a whole concept. What connected to me immediately was the ‘Light Magic’ theme that explores nature and mysticism through nocturnal skies , l have looked at stationery as well as packaging, decorative accessories and textiles.

I subsequently started a more thorough research that led me to elements such as the petrified wood, cells, synapses, molecules, nebula, the moon etc. They all had in common sinuous and roundish shapes, and looking more closely, they are connected by more or less evident strings. I chose a plant as representation of something that is born from a connection, a relationship. A plant that give fruits permitting the continuity of life, the berries that represent the shapes from my research, the smallest particles of life.

I also intend to give a sense of movement, key for the stationery look, by using three dimensional effects.

I researched and downloaded a Font that was in line with my theme, structured but interrupted where you can see through it almost as a play of light.

Mood Board1

My Colour board is inspired by the ‘Light Magic’ stationery category combined with the ‘Light Magic’ packaging category. A contrast of deep naturals and spiritual colours. To these, I added black because it is very common in nature and because of the contrast it creates. I also added an intense red because it represents the connection between all things as the blood in living creatures as well as the well known ‘red string’ that connects everything.

Colour Board

My client is a professional, over 25. Both female and male that I represented with an androgynous person. He/she has a romantic mind, likes the mystery and freedom of the sky. Appreciates art and is selective in his/her choices, from the people to be surrounded by to the details in his/her home.

The occasion I’m planning on designing for is Love/Relationships. This will show mostly with the postcards where I will underline the theme of the Connection and also because of the typographic elements I will use to celebrated them.

Client Board

My range of products are intended for a High End market. Both because it talks to a certain category of people that can identify with my theme and also because I’m planning in using some hand finishing: metallic embellishment with foil and velvety touch with flock to enhance the visual and tactile senses.

I identified some competitors, among others, that combine High End elements and a representation of my chosen theme.


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