Second Year – Final Show

The final show of my second year represents a big part of who I am as a designer/maker. My research led me to unexplored places, both artistically and personally. My skills extended and my confidence grew. I was so happy and proud for receiving the acknowledgement, among my class mates, for the professional attitude and practice. This was an unexpected satisfaction that made me realise where I stand and gave me a push to do even better for my last yer.

It has been a long way, changing designs, adding and taking away but in the end it was all worth it. The company I chose as inspiration, the Timorous Beasties have a very unique style from which I loved the play of bold and vibrant colours on neutrals, reinterpreted in a Gothic feel. I enjoyed every step of the way and I am so pleased with the final outcome.

Mood Boards:

Final Collection:

LED Wallcovering Lamp, switched off and on:

Lamp wallcovering.jpg
Anda Avramescu, June 2018, LED Wallcovering Lamp, acrylic and laser cut/engraved plexiglass and mdf






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