Reflection on Subject and Field

This year has been full of exciting experiences, learning new skills and making new friends. It started very challenging since the first term of subject and it got even more with field, which I enjoyed to bits. For field I chose the chair project ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably’, for the first term, and ‘Mind Your Own Business’ for the second. As it appears, and I can confirm, I chose the most demanding once, but considering the amount of things I’ve learned, I would chose them over and over again. The chair projects was was a group of two one, making sure that each one had either a product designer or a maker. The difficulty about it was that my partner didn’t show up, besides a couple of times, and I ended up completing it on my own. At first I was almost sure I wouldn’t make it but instead it turned out that all the hard work of the last year had showed its results. And with even harder work I completed some other tutorials and workshops to have the necessary skills to get the job done. I enjoyed both the manuality in dealing with materials and the digital process in making a ready CNC-able file to cut all the pieces needed.

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The business project, on the other side, was a group of five one, each one of us motivated to take the most of the experience and to come up with a successful idea. For the practical part of the project I could apply what previously learned with chair, but the skills I have acquired are mainly theoretical. I worked well and productively in the group, where I found my natural place as Deputy Leader, acting as a binding force between the team members and establishing a common language whilst ensuring that the team was well tuned. This was really important to understand myself better, putting to focus my strengths and weaknesses. Setting up a business from scratch was also important since I’m planning in doing a business plan as my final Dissertation. I tried to take the most of both projects and I think my marks and feedback reflect that. Besides all, it was a true honour to work with Richard Morris who I didn’t know in the beginning but ended up to admire.

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In the beginning I didn’t really know how this could directly relate to my subject, but as a matter of fact I ended up doing an LED Wallcovering that reflected most of the skills I acquired during field. Everything just naturally fit in place and I’m very happy with my journey so far. Without realising I found myself being both a textile and a maker, with the eager to do not only digital patterns but also useful objects that I can apply my designs to. Field has opened me a huge horizon of possibilities that I intend to use by gathering more knowledge and doing more workshops over the summer. I intend to further develop methods to combine textiles, digital and the making and I’m almost certain that I wouldn’t be here with this mind set and experience if it wasn’t for this amazing idea of field.

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