Techniques and Materials

After researching about my company, and having in mind the medium high income clientele I selected my fabrics carefully already from the start and stick to it till the end of the process. More specifically, I considered linen, velvet and leather to be the most appropriate as interior fabrics, even though I didn’t exclude the possibility of having them as a wall hanging or panel as wall embellishment. Since my theme was inspired bu the Damask structure I considered Digital embroidery for some of my designs, more specifically a main and three coordinates shown in different colour ways inside my colour palette:


As wall coverings though I’ve considered paper and during my experimentation I added Mdf, which could easily be substituted with plywood, wood or other resistant but light, and plexiglass, due to its versatility. It can be easily bented, cut and most of all engraved so that the light can show the design through the engraved part. Since I prefer my designs to have some background texture I created one for my Led Wall Panel, in Illustrator, reminding of the warp and weft in the weaving of the fabric. While I cut the Mdf following the stroke of my designs arranged in a Damask structure motif. I then sanded the surface to give it an even colour:

I also manipulated my inkblots and ink pen sketches by blending them together in Photoshop creating a digital file to be then printed onto both fabric and paper for the wall covering. Regarding the first one it wasn’t possible to print in Uni due to a malfunction of the Mimaki machines we have and the impossibility to fix them in time but I do managed to have my 3 meter roll of wallpaper printed which I was so very happy about because I could see my designs taking life in full scale as imagined them in the first place:


Regarding the displacement maps I tried my best, in the time I had, to learn to place my design onto a chair or sofa but I wasn’t successful. I wish we had a quick tutorial with somebody that could take an hour or two to explain it to us and then further explore it independently. I managed anyway to do a couple and visualise the as wall coverings or pillows. I find mock ups to be fundamental in understanding how the designs would look like on a product in order to give the final scale or colour adjustments and better justify a design decision.

Red Mockup.jpg



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