London Design Week

The London Design Week was absolutely fantastic. From the interiors of the building and how the stores were placed, to the layout of the fabrics in the common areas.


We walked store by store admiring the window displays and the various designs.

I observed that I was very much attracted by texture and embossed fabrics. There was a huge range of wallpapers, carpets, digitally printed fabrics and paper, lamps and furniture.

Passing my fingers through all those fabrics was like being in a candy store. I was trying to make photographs to every detail, where it was allowed. I observed that there was many wallpaper designs that used mixed materials and techniques such as thin bamboo sticks stitched over with zigzags to hold them in place. I then mainly focused on the sample books and their structure:

How the designs coordinate:

Textures and how colours bled into one another:

The labelling:


We also stopped for a quick workshop/competition where we had to draw a piece of furniture. There we met somebody that studies in Cardiff Met and we chatted for a bit.It was  overall a great experience. I gathered tens of samples and put it on my agenda for the next years.




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