Week two – Work in Progress

The first days of Subject I almost felt out of place, but after going through all the first parts’ work and research done, on and around my chosen Company, the Timorous Beasties, it reminded me why I chose them in the first place. Their shocking aesthetics, the contrasting elements, and took it from there.

The boards given to us in class, to use as mood boards, helped me to have all my work in one place. As suggested by Anna, I did a weekly and daily plan to stick to, and it resulted essential to prioritise through the ideas I had, the time and the resources at my disposal in order to be able to present a collection I was happy with.

I firstly chose the images I was most inspired by in my Company’s work. Damask and vertical structures:


I analysed them carefully. The structure, the colours, the layers:

Avramescu Anda

The more I kept studying them, to understand why I was admiring their designs so much and the more I wanted to experiment myself, so I begun choosing some of my designs and texture from term one and started manipulating them in Photoshop together with the new sketches inspired by a more in dept research of the Damask patterns.

Damask inspiration from Pinterest:

I then understood that my theme was going to be build around the damask motif, so I added it to my brief and gave it a more specific orientation than I had before.

I spent a huge amount of time experimenting with colours and I enjoyed it so much that I found it hard to stop:

Totem design in 3 ways for the process in the blog


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