Week One – Back to subject

The transition from Field, back to subject, has not been smooth from the beginning. The two and a half months spent between Field and Constellation, with such different topics, brought me further away from my course then I expected. I came across not only different tutors, materials and techniques but also concepts, a wider understanding of possibilities and also a new mind set in combining them together. I made a chair from scratch and that gave me the confidence I needed to face such new challenges successfully even in a field so different from mine.

CNC chair
Anda Avramescu, CNC machining, 2017, Plywood
Anda Avramescu, 2017, The Toolbox Chair


My second field, Mind Your Own Business, gave me a more inner understanding of myself, making me realise my role in a work group, my strengths, and weaknesses to work on.

Anda Avramescu for Duplexity, 2018, Fabric bag packaging
Duplexity, 2018, Modular desk organiser

Together they made me understand I’m not only a Textile student but a Maker and gave me the final push to chose the Business Plan as my Dissertation Proposal because. As I explained in my form, I wanted to create an artefact that would combine aesthetics with a practical, useful attribute, and besides all that I could eventually build a small business upon.

I started to consider the possible practicality of a wallpaper, as something different that its merely aesthetical function and I started imagining how I could play with light and shadows on it. The next step was considering integrating the light inside the wallpaper, which was becoming a panel and then the final idea came to life of the Led Wall Panel:








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