Library Task – Journal & Book

As the first term’s research extended my knowledge about interior design company’s, so it did this term’s research concerning journals. I run through many until I came across View, which I found to be the most exhaustive in terms of giving a wider range of information accompanied with beautiful imagery. It talks about colour, materials and how this are applied both in fashion and interior with some illustration elements.


I found some very inspiring imagery:

Texture and colour View jurnal

Most of all I focused on coordinates and texture:

Coordinates View journal

Since our University is very active in raising awareness about sustainability and recycling I came across an interesting book that shows how pieces of waste materials can be used to make amazing designs and products:

Waste- book about reusing scraps

I found it very interesting and useful mostly because I intend to use reclaimed materials, where possible, in my future designs. Mostly in my third year’s dissertation. In my field project, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ we set our values on life cycle and reclaimed materials and it is something I want to hold on too considering how polluting is the textile manufacture industry. I intend to use an unlimited amount of materials, reclaiming them from charity shops around Cardiff, and there are quite a lot. Like this I can not only create quite unique pieces of designs, but I can contribute to create awareness among other people regarding the environment and waste.

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