MYOB – Week five – Presales and Sales

In order to better prepare for the sales day we decided to do a pre-sales even though we were not sure until the last moment if we were going to make. Eventually everything went for the best. I already did a couple of markets with the Centre of Entrepreneurship and considered the Business School to be the best location. In fact in this day we made enough money to repay back our seed fund of 100£.

Business and Management building Pre-sale event
Business and Management building Pre-sale event

This day was important to understand a series of facts from the organisation, the layout, the response of the customer to our customisation option and price, storage, inventory and most of all the number of sales to be able to anticipate if and how many products we would have to produce more. We found out that the price was matching the questionnaire results and people were willing to pay the price we were asking and most of all that they preferred to mix and mach the different woods to the different colour of plexi. For the sales day, and due to a different location and layout of the store, we also gave it more identity by placing a pattern of our logo on the background and used same shape pieces of fabric on the table. The collaboration with the other team, we had to share our space with for the official sales day, gave a professional and balanced look of the store and both of our range of colours matched perfectly with the wood the store was made of.

Preparation of the shop:


Final Layout of the Shop:

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