MYOB – Weeks three and four – Product Production and Packaging

This was definitely the part we were all looking for, besides the graphic designer who has already been focusing exclusively on her part of the business development, while all the rest were constantly collaborating to mach every aspect of the product, from the construction to the packaging.

After the first foam models it was important to understand the various difficulties we would encounter using the actual materials of the final product. It took us some days to figure out all details in a continuous brainstorming and constructive environment. By mid of the first week planned for the production, and once we understood timing and pricing, dimensions of our product, dimensions of materials and capacity of the machines we were ready to organise the various workshops we needed to involve in completing our work.


Work in progress
Wood cutting, Laser cutting and Stitching


Sanding and gluing by hand the individual modules using an environmental friendly glue:


During the production we also realised that we would end up with plexi off cuts so we decided to use them to make coasters for cups or candles using the hexagon shape from the inside of the modules as base and the smaller round parts of the stick as legs.

Base of the final product and coastes made of off cuts


The packaging was designed based on the final dimensions of the product. Big enough to fit the complete desk organiser made of 5 modules but small enough to be easily reused as lunch bag, tablet or notebook holder etc. .

Packaging process and final product

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