Reflection on the L6 live project

Among others, there were three displayed work that cough my eye in particular. Jenna Bautista, Zoe Terrell, Jenny Evans but also Daisy Watson and Leigh Davies, each one with small details that I really admired.

Jenna Bautista

I found it very interesting the way she played with the net, both in creating a main pattern and as texture. I suppose she scanned in a real net and manipulated it further in Photoshop. It gave me a really nice idea in how to use textures from different medias. I also liked the use of what it might seem either foil or fused metal, it is so effective, and the fact that she used it only in some strategic places it made it interesting for the eye and gave it a touch of class.



Zoe Terrell

Even though it is not exactly on my taste, it has something intriguing which makes me want to continue looking at it. I admired the bold use of the colours. I don’t think i would have ever chosen this colour together but she made them a successful marriage playing very smartly with motifs and background.



Jenny Evans

I chose her because I really like frayed fabrics and the colours white and blue. The way she found to fray the fabric and combine it to a blue background gave it a fancy look and it reminded me of Diesel’s style. The golden ribbon with the stitched details adds a final classy touch.



But I also found inspiration in some other students’ details

Daisy Watson:

The ribbons and the tags were the first thing I noticed and I found it very balanced between the simplicity of the wrap and the intriguing stitch of the ribbon and tags.


Leigh Davies:

She played with watercolours using a happy colour palette. I very much like the contrast between vivid and neutral colours.


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