Pecha Kucha – Last Three Designers

Avramescu Anda Petcha Kutcha on the last three designers

I narrowed down the companies that most appealed to me, from approximately 25 to three.

I realized that their patterns are inspired mostly by nature and historical motifs with an unexpected contemporary touch. They use bold colours in a contrast with more neutral and mild colours and a Gothic finish. They all challenge the trend of their time. Therefore are to consider more of a Trend setters than followers.

Timorous Beasties

TIMOROUS BEASTIES was founded in 19 90 in Glasgow by Ali and Paul who met studying textiles at the Glasgow School of Art in 1984. They found common ground in considering the textiles market to be quite boring and lacking variety and excitement so they decided to create their own style defined by themselves as an elegant transgression.

They find inspiration in natural and historical motifs and they are well known for challenging time-honoured motifs adding a contemporary twist. They reversed the Toiles de Jouy’s pastoral context with the modern urban life of different cities such as London, New York, Glasgow.

They have been criticized by adding scenes of the real life they’ve seen in mostly in the Glasgow toile where they portray drug dealers, homeless people and prostitutes.

They challenged the DAMASK pattern by placing disorder in its structure using splashes of colour.

Avramescu Anda

They are also inspired by William Morris. In fact in an interview with The Guardian it came out that a critic described their work as William Morris on acid. An example of his work:

milliam morris

Roberto Cavalli

Born in 19 40 in Florence

Cavalli graduated in Fine Art as his parents but he decided to make fabric his canvas and experiment new methods of printing. His lifestyle is as extravagant as the work he sells. and he coined a rich aesthetic following his motto: Excess is success.

I admire Cavalli for his stunning exotic patterns and the endless elements he takes inspiration from. In a successful combination of patterns and tailoring he always finds the way to highlight the sensual femininity in a combination with a rock-punk style.

He also has a Code of Ethics concerning Eco-Sustainability regarding both his own production or those of third parties he collaborates with.

His style is labelled AS Wild and exotic elegance. He takes inspiration from nature ranging from flowers (mostly orchids) animals and exotic fishes as well as historic motifs. But he’s mostly known for his Animal skin prints such as tiger, snake, leopard, zebra to name a few.

Elle has an amazing archive with all his runway shows.

Even if he’s mostly known as fashion designer there is no sector he didn’t explore. His products range from FASHION to ACCESSORIZE, from PERFUMES to INTERIORS.

Avramescu Anda

He started with Printing on Silk and then he became an inventor patenting a printing procedure on leather. Subsequently he invented the stretched jeans in collaboration with Lycra in 1995. While now he combines different materials and textures.

Alexander McQueen

He was born in London in 69 then dropped school at 16 and finds apprenticeship as a tailor on Savile row for Made To Measure Men’s Suits. Lately he applies at St Martins as Fashion Designer and After only 4 years from his graduation becomes Chief Designer for Givenchy where he won several Designer of The Year Awards. He felt limited in his creativity by somebody else’s brand so he decided to make his own.

I love McQueen’s mind blowing and intricately beautiful patterns surrounded by a macabre feel. I also admire him because he continued pushing fashion’s limits to the extreme despite the initial critiques received, inspiring a new generation of daring designers.


Elle has an amazing archive with all his runway shows.

His goal was always to leave the viewer with a strong experience. Good or bad. McQueen’s signature is a Dramatic and Theatrical style both in his clothes and his runway shows. He’s been inspired by nature, the strong Gothic and Victorian style and the theme of death especially in the last years of his life. His raven inspired dress represents the romantic symbol of death.

McQueen’s products range from Fashion to Accessories such as His famous skull scarf and his extravagant shoes that became famous with Lady Gaga.

He liked to shock and surprise people and for that he used a wide variety of materials such as Glass Leather Feathers Bones, whatever necessary in order to bring his visions to perfection.

Avramescu Anda

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