Mood Board and Color Board

Once chosen the most appropriate images that best defined my Theme, I uploaded and started manipulating them in Photoshop. In order to create smooth looking boards I used tools as the rubber, merge tool, magic wand, brush and crop tool and resized the images to create the effect of a unified look, almost as a single photograph on the page.

Mood Board

A Mood Board is an arrangement of images, materials, text, etc., a type of collage of key images to get inspired and it’s a very useful tool to evoke or project a particular style or concept:

Mood Board

Color Board

A color board is still a collage of images that can give a general idea of the topic given, like the mood board but it has an added important element, colors. The colors, in combination of the chosen pictures give the visual outcome we were searching for.

Once selected the images, I used the Color Picker tool to select the most significant colors and I ended up with seven. I then put them in a vertical sequence, in a mechanism patterned color palette. The palette serves both for the finishing touch of the Color Board as to use it as a reference for the future designs to come. I indeed insert it alongside my every art board to assign the proper colors (and their gradients) to the design objects I was creating.

Color Board

Color Palette idea:

Another great way to make a color palette ColorSnap. It’s enough to upload a photograph and they create it automatically in a few seconds. Then you can either stick with it or they give you the opportunity to change the palette by selecting other colors or tones, for example I inserted my Color Board and this was the result:


And Hailpixel is another fun way of creating one in a very simple and quick way.


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