The digital module of my final year’s project aims to introduce digital skills through CAD, Illustrator and Photoshop, and creative processes. Being given three hypothetical themes we had to choose one and follow a micro design development process (DDP) in order to produce theme related designs and be able to stick to the brief.

I chose ‘Urban Beat‘: Urban beat depicts a dynamic raw energy with a gritty undertone. A modern – metro – an edgy course, cool approach to design. Street strength / graffiti / industrial materials.

The words I chose to define Urban Beat are: industrial, gritty, graffiti, concrete and dynamic.

The first step was to understand the brief and the theme requirements in order to begin an image research based on the values I’ve chosen to represent:

The second step was to choose the most appropriate ones and begin the creation of a Mood Board and Color Board that would include a big part of the shapes and colors that we would most need to create the future design.

In my research I came across an architectural artist that began to inspire me, Eduardo Paolozzi:

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