Cyborg – definition and curiosity

Not an easy task to define Cyborg since there is still a chaotic understanding of what exactly being a cyborg means. There isn’t still an exhaustive and general definition of it.

A fun task and its conclusions. A group attempt on defining the meaning of cyborg:

As defined in the oxford dictionary a cyborg is a fictional or hypothetical person whose abilities are far beyond our human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. Haraway states “a cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction.” An example of this could be the use of mechanical elements to helps us survive, like a pacemaker, or it could also mean human beings using technology in everyday life both of these create the hybrid Haraway has spoken about. The definition of technology has no limitations and until a better understanding of it is made with more research means we will not have a true definition of cyborg. Once more research has happened and gives us a better understanding, a much clearer conclusion will be in place.

Neil Harbisson, the first men officially considered a cyborg by the government and allowed to feature his external element that qualifies him as a cyborg on his passport photograph. Since Neil was born color-blind which limits him to only see in black and white, his special antenna built in his skull, allows him to transform each colour in a different vibration:

A really interesting video that made me realize how the word cyborg can be and it is already part of some people’s lives through an improvement of the body or an addition of their senses rather then just an abstract concept from movies. And most of all, how can this bring us closer to nature rather then away from it:

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