Plato vs Nietzsche in art

Plato was an Ancient Greek philosopher died in 348 BC at the age of 80. His idealistic view of the world shows through his believe that for everything that surrounds us there is a perfect original essence or form of it and we must always tend to improove ourselves in order to get as closer to the truth as possible. He had 2 theories of art

  1. According to the first one, since art is saw by Plato to be the imitation of the physical world, then art is to be considered a copy of a copy because the world itself is a copy of a perfect and changeless original.
  2. Art has the ability to mix in emotion, is a powerful tool that can influence our behaviour and our character, therefore dangerous.

As he asserts, true knowledge consists of direct, unmediated of the Forms gained through the study of philosophy… .

Discobolos, Ancient Greek Statue, representing the perfection of the body in movement.

lancio disco


Nietzsche on the other hand, was a German philosopher from 1800 who contrasts Plato’s philosophy of an idealistic world and a unique truth with a more pragmatic and experimental one.  He believes that instead of having only one idealistic object or truth there are as many interpretations of them as people to represent them and they are all real. Just like a table it is defined in as many ways as the different prospective from which that table is seen (under different light or angle etc) and how can’t all be true? Art, just like life is in a continuous transformation.

There is no such thing as a perfect chair, just many representations of it as the persons designing/making one:


Me, I feel more idealistic, I believe in a constant research of improving ourselves in order to try to reach the perfection in our every action. I also believe that how better way to achieve it if not practically and throughout experimentation. Living Nietzsche with the goal of reaching Plato. I was told that the two exclude each other but how can it be that only theory and questioning can bring us closer to the truth rather then experimentation and manipulation of the world that we have in front of us and we live in. How can we reach the truth if not by starting to understand the game we play in, in order to acquire the ability to go beyond it?

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