Photography Competition

Mid – November landscape. Title: ‘Think big, dream far’                                                                     Entered the competition end of November! 3..2..1.and the winner is…. ME and I just couldn’t believe it!!! An unexpected satisfaction

I started to have more confidence with photography in the last few months mostly after photographer Diwan Manna payed us a visit in Cardiff Met at the beginning of November 2016 talking about the importance of clarity in the goals we want to achieve and the medium of experimentation that will lead us there. Later that month my teachers talked about the beauty of nature in one lesson and i liked the warmth i felt when Keireine said that autumn is her favorite season and that it would be interesting to observe how the same spot changes with the seasons. I also had a vision of a tree which I repeatedly reproduced in a few workshops and different media. And this beautiful landscape is my way to uni every morning. Static and in continuous transformation giving new shapes and colors at every breeze. I just couldn’t not capture it anymore and I’m so HAPPY i did.

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