The Collection Series Finale (Subject yr 1)


Created by Oliver Goldstick ‘The Collection’ is a Franco-Welsh series co-produced by Amazon and BBC . It’s an 8 part fashion drama set in Paris after the Second World War of 1947 and shot in Wales thanks to the Welsh government which, citing Selwyn Roberts words from the Q&A session, it helped enormously funding the production.

Starring: Richard Coyle, Tom Riley, Mamie Gummer, Max Deacon, Jenna Thiam, Frances de la Tour.

Maison Sabine is run by two brothers, Paul Sabine (Richard Coyle) very good in business and head of the fashion house, Claude Sabine (Tom Riley) the most talented but who leaves in the shadow of his brother, and their mother. Internal rivalries, betrayals and a thriller element arouses interest in the public while the outfits and haute couture dresses seem to take the stage from the main characters, at least for those particularly interested in fashion and textiles.

Q&A with Kate Croft (Producer), Selwyn Roberts (Producer) and Dearbhla Walsh (Lead Director) in conversation with Natasha Hale:


The aim of the cast was to recreate the authenticity of the Paris post war period, especially regarding the outfit. Therefor a 10 people team worked night and day for 14 weeks producing outfits each with unique designs while others came from London, Paris and Rome reaching a total number of 1200 pieces.

I think that the series it’s a real value for those interested in the postwar period and relative costumes and I’m happy I could attend the preview of the Finale (Cardiff – 20/10/16) before it’s showcase on Amazon.


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